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Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

We have all been there–our son bursts into tears, starts screaming and arguing, avoid something to do, has trouble going to sleep, is resistant to sta...

social life skills leadership kindness

3 Ways to Embrace Kindness

Life is hard. And people can be unkind. So much of our news and media portray less than stellar moments of how people treat each other. So, how does o...

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The Leader You Want Your Son to Be

As parents, we hope our children develop leadership skills, but what does this mean? We are all experiencing incredible changes in how we work and how...

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Orienting Ambition for a Meaningful Life

“Here be dragons.”

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Navigating a First Love

The road between childhood and adolescence can be a minefield filled with exhilaration, insecurity, and uncertainty. The highs are wonderfully high an...

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Raising Responsible Boys

It is often said that it takes cooperation between parents and teachers for children to thrive. Having a consistent system in the home and at school t...